Monday, June 9, 2014

Another UFO

While I was on my kick of re-purposing UFOs, I hauled out this little applique picture that I had started a few years ago. 
It was a project inspired by the work of Janet Bolton, 
who you can learn more about on her website, , or you can google her name and look at images of her work, such as this one, 
she is amazing!   
Any how, a few of us had gotten together and started little applique pictures in her style.  
I had gotten quite far with it, and I liked parts of the picture, such as this little corner,
but on the whole I wasn't too excited with it. 

I decided to sew it into a pencil case.  in order to do that, I had to finish a few more petals, and add some lines of quilting to the beige area of background. 
Oddly, after I finished those things, I liked it much better.  So I have decided to leave it as a small picture, rather than make it into a pencil case.


  1. I like your picture quilt very much. And Janet Bolton's work is wonderful too.

    1. Thanks, Patti, it was something different to try,


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