Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Garment sewing....

I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but a few days ago, I made a reference to "Garment" sewing!
(Lightening bolt)
This is a type of sewing that a lot of quilters have avoided, or maybe aren't interested in.  I haven't sewn garments for a long time, although I think I tried a top or two last year.
Between sewing handbags, and loving all the amazing designer fabrics that have been coming available, I keep getting drawn to the idea.
Funnily enough, I decided to try sewing a shirt that you might have often seen me wear in the past.
Yes, a white cotton button up shirt with a collar.  I've had countless incarnations of this shirt.  It is always my go-to shirt that I might have 4 or 5 versions hanging up in my closet.  The only drawback with the white shirt is that I inevitably get stains on it, or somehow wear it until it looks shabby,

I had bought the pattern, but no fabric at the time.
A few days later, I spied a 6 yard piece of white Kona cotton that I had acquired, just to have on hand,
within minutes, the pattern was out of it's envelope.
I used a cute fabric for the neck and cuff facings,
It was quite interesting to sew, although I haven't yet done the buttonholes....

Do you make garments? for yourself or for others?  I am quite interested in this topic now!


  1. looks great! I love the detail on the cuffs and collar.
    I used to sew a lot of my own clothes, but really don't anymore. Quilts don't have darts, and don't have to fit LOL !!

  2. I recently got (back) into garment sewing. Quilting is fun but I wanted a change. Besides, all my tops are too short as the style has gone longer. Inspiration and ideas came from Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Macy's, Saks, and others. A very simple-to-sew top made of fun fabrics and embellished with lace, buttons and ribbons looks like a million bucks. I'm having fun.

  3. Your shirt is really nice! I'm not an accomplished garment sewer at all. Took a few classes but Flo is right, the whole fitting thing is a drag. But I may have to try something simple. Inspired!

  4. I love garment sewing :) and with all the great cottons :)

  5. The only garment sewing I have done lately has been rescue missions. I lived with an ambitious but inexperienced crafter. :) Had to help with last minute costumes and skirts.
    Our... I mean her next project is a long sleeve cropped jacket. I'm learning more and more about garment making with out having my own projects.

  6. haven't sewn much in the way of adult garments for a long time - kids' clothes - a few....used to sew all the clothes my kids wore, back in the day...i think the last 'big' garment sewing project i made was my daughter's wedding dress (and my own outfit for the wedding, which i made the night before the wedding...) oy!


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