Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Buffalo, Da- 1

yesterday we flew to Toronto and then drove down to Buffalo.  It all went fine, although the highwa was prett slow at times... had some time in the evening to drive around a bit and look at some of the fine buildings here.
Our first dae in Buffalo was great!  Started the da with a late breakfast  and then we went to the Allbright art museum, -- the have some nice Impressionist stuff, albeit more minor works, but unusual to see.
 like this Van Gogh,
and some nice contemporar stuff too... can't remember who did this one of o-o's.
interesting mirror room:
and a cafe with latte!then we went to some Japanese garden....
this is a house I liked:

We drove over to Hertel Avenue-- Little Ital  and also home to the knitting shop! where I picked up a book b Debbie Bliss called design it, knit it
We went back up to Niagra falls, and appreciated the fine weather, and then rounded off the da with a good Italian restaurant for dinner!  I reall hope to get this keeboard fixed sometime soon!!!


  1. wouldn't that Van Gough make a wonderful "landscape" quilt!!....inspiration!

  2. sounds like a wonderful day! love the van gough's.

  3. oh - they keyboard is really a laptop. OK - that's not so easy!!


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