Sunday, June 6, 2010

keyboard update

Re: the keyboard, the Good news is that I'm no longer getting double letters, but the bad news is 2 letters don't work at all now.  Can you guess which ones they are? (the t and the y ) However, I'm able 2 fix some words with the spell-check.-  and I am cutting and pasting the missing letters.  Sort of awkward going.
I'm hoping someone will be able 2 fix this problem!!!!

Remember the wool blanket project? I knit some letters to applique, and now I'm crocheting a round white doily-like thing to put on.

 I saw this book on the table and really liked the printing on it.  Some librarian had nice handwriting.
 So sorry about this problem!-- It's making me
quite short in what I say!


  1. Michelle,
    Just go buy a new keyboard and plug it in. Simpliest fix and they aren't very expensive anymore at all.
    Have you ever typed on an international one in some country where English isn't the first language. You can end up with some interesting words there as one letter will be in an unusual spot.
    Good luck with getting it fixed.
    People who read my blog always say - where do you find the time to do all that and here I am thinking and saying the same thing about you!! So I'm off now to go varnish some doors adn trim in the basement seems the weather is keeping us from outside projects.

  2. Bernie, I would just plug in another keboard, but this is a laptop and i'm on a trip--- i might get to a Staples or something and find one of those ones that roll up..


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