Saturday, June 26, 2010

Farmer's Market

 This morning we got up Pretty Early and walked over to the Farmer's market downtown, which was getting pretty busy even at 9 o'clock,
 I was pretty impressed by the volume and the range of products: bread, bakery, sausages, seafood, chinese food, crafts, yarn, plants, cut flowers, eggs, fruit, vegetables, cheese, beeswax candles, and probably other stuff too.

 The walk over there was interesting too, going through a cemetary, and the public gardens, and down a pretty busy street, and I even saw some random knitting:
 quite a nifty idea for hanging posters, I thought.
I hope to go over to the public gardens again when it isn't raining.  It was okay walking, because the rain was quite light, but not so nice that I wanted to loiter around with my camera.
Hope you're having a great weekend!!!


  1. I should have come with you, instead of going home to work on those stupid old skaldic verses!

  2. ah - yarn bombers at work! guerrilla knitting at its best, and useful, too!

  3. "great article here, thx for sharing


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