Thursday, June 10, 2010

sigh of relief

well, we can all rest a bit easier now that I have a new keyboard. It's  much less challenging to type on, and to read too!  It is not a plastic roll-up one, but it is very small, and only about half an inch thick at it's tallest point. 
plus, it's wireless,
We had a pretty full day today, and there was no rain! hooray!  we went up to Aurora to look around, and came upon the most amazing rose bushes all in bloom, and some of them smelled divine!  I took some photos, but have left my camera out in the car tonight. 
Later, I happened to drop in to the yarn store, and noticed that they were winding these teensy little balls of yarn in many colors and textures.  In conversation, it turned out that they were preparing for a "yarn tasting" on Saturday morning from 10 to 12!   What,, you  may ask is a yarn tasting? well, who knows and who cares, I signed up for it.  I will tell you on Saturday night or Sunday!
(maybe some time we'll have a "fabric tasting" at the shop-- but first I'll need to find out what it is)
Plus, they had so many beautiful yarns... I came somewhat prepared this time, as you might remember I made copies of some of the projects I thought it might be nice to make, so I'll take them along then too, I might be there for several hours....
I am looking forward to chatting with my friend Linda when I get home, because she was going to the workshop in Muenster last weekend for some knitting sessions,.. and it sounded really interesting, did any other of you knitters go?


  1. cant wait for the first "fabric tasting" !

  2. Glad you got a new keyboard!

    What could be more fun than a yarn tasting? I think shops already have fabric tasting, in the form of fat eighths or quarters.


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