Sunday, June 20, 2010

Specs on stepping stones

First of all, I must say that I am very happy to be staying in a place where the internet is good.  I love where we were staying, but it's location is in a strange spot where the internet provider cuts in and out, so to prevent frustration I didn't try to do too much online while I was there. 
Secondly, I have some info for you if you'd like to do some stepping stones in the style I mentioned a couple of days ago.
Because the base is cement, I use a thinset mortar.  I've tried different kinds, which all worked fine.  Basically grey in colour.  The last one I used cost a bit more than the basic kind, but was a quick setting one, which you can grout after only a couple of hours.  I have grouted between tiles on stepping stones in the past, which makes them look really lovely, but it is a lot of work if you are doing 10 or 15 for yourself.  Plus, I would then recommend that you store them inside over the winter.  If you want to just leave them down in a path or in your garden, I have done stepping stones where I don't grout them at all.  --But! I used tiles that did not have sharp edges on them.  If you are going to use broken tiles or china, you would have some sharp edges that you will need to consider, so you would probably need to add grout, but do it carefully so that you don't cut yourself.  Maybe it is possible to use some sort of mortar that could be applied in a thick enough layer so that it would well up around the shard as you press it in, thus sealing off the broken edges. 
I was thinking of doing some mosaic type tiling on some larger sized plant pots I have that have lost their finish from being outside for the last few years... I'll let you know how That goes, but it might be a while....
Good luck with any tiling projects you do!


  1. when i did some tiled stepping stones a number of years ago, i used broken bits of tile. however, before setting them, i smoothed the edges with a dremel. that certainly made the edges less sharp, although it took a looooooong time! wouldn't want to do it for a large number of stones with small bits of tile! it was a pleasant early morning occupation for several nice summer mornings on my front step, though!


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