Thursday, June 24, 2010

in Halifax

Yesterday was interesting, spent in the downtown Halifax area, which does have a nice waterfront to walk along. 
After my Latte, I was ready!
 There were boats, -- navy boats, barges, cruise ships,  and I think this is a tall ship that they use to take people on tours:
 there were restaurants and cafes and hot dog stands,
 there were lots of small galleries, focusing on paintings, ceramics, other crafts, and photography,
 and there was a light dusting of rain that made the view look misty:
There was also a used book store, and a yarn store,
So I walked around for several hours, and watched two craft demos: one where they blow glass crystal, then cut and polish it, the other was on how they make little pewter things by forcing the liquid tin mixture into molds at high speeds.  Quite interesting. 
I have noticed that a lot of knitters seem to be getting interested into lace knitting-like shawls or small blankets. 


  1. Has anyone mentioned what a good photographer you are? I really love you pictures!

  2. sounds like you had a nice kind of day:) laurel

  3. thanks Patti! i am having fun taking photos!


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