Thursday, June 10, 2010

home again

a little joke, we're not at home, but staing at a B&B called Home Again, just north of Ithaca.  yesterday we drove over from Buffalo, and the least said about that, the better, since it was quite drear.
But, this b&b is like nothing you've seen before, so I will be posting lots of little details
 our room is wa up in the attic, and from the front window ou can see the road in....
and because toad begged to come along on the trip,  I brought him, and here he is on the ladder that leads up to the widow's peak (I think that's what the called those little look-outs on the top of the houses with little windows that face all directions.. 


  1. looks like a wonderful b and b michelle! i think the little lookout is called a widow's walk, though. a widow's peak is when someone's hairline extends down the forehear in a vee-shape. have a wonderful time - we love to see the pictures!

  2. yes, molly, I think you're right, I wasn't sure if a widow's walk had to have a place to "walk" in,..


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