Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Yarn Tasting...

The fabric tasting was pretty good!  I arrived at the yarn shop yesterday morning at about 10, armed with a double shot latte, and found my place at the table.  There were about 11 participants.  The owner of the shop had made up trays of "goodies"

They were little balls of various yarns, all sorts of fiber content and thicknesses- 25 of them.  She had also prepared a handout that listed each type of yarn sample and all known info about it.  Then, we went through and identified each yarn and taped a sample of each to the handout.  As we did this, she handed around sample objects made with each type of the yarns so that we could see how each of them felt and looked when they were knit up.  This was quite interesting.  Then we had some type to knit up some swatches, each little  sample was about 10 yards in length.  It was all quite a lot of fun.  I happened to be sitting amidst a bunch of quilters, so they also instructed me as to where to find the local quilt shops within driving distance! 
After wards, I spent some time looking around the shop, and appreciating the amazing variety of yarns that they have in stock.  I have some more swatching to do, but later this week I hope to get the yarn for my second run at the sweater I started at the lake, but was unable to get the right amount of yarn to complete...

I'll have to try loading more images again tomorrow, because right now I can't seem to get that to work, possibly the wifi connection here is too weak.. However, I have so much to tell you about the last couple of days, that I'll post this anyway right now ,

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