Tuesday, June 15, 2010

taking a break,...

taking a break from going out driving and doing stuff all day, that is. 
 Yesterday was quite pleasant, spent in Ithaca.  I went to the Plantations at Cornell for a couple of hours, to the gardens that are set out in a formal way, with gorgeous hard landscaping, and of course amazing plants. I enjoy reading the little explanations about certain plants.

 Altho I didn't take any sweeping photos of what the whole place looks like, since I've done that so much in the past, I found myself focussing on some details of what materials they used for building, and how they combined them.

Also, they were busy putting out some new annuals, and this gigantic magnolia was blooming!!!

Later I ended up at the Yarnstore again!  Yay..  I got the wool for 2 projects and a couple of quite interesting looking books, one by a Norwegian knitter, and another on a Swedish knitting tradition, the cottage industry of Bohus.  More on all that later!!!!

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