Sunday, June 20, 2010

Farewell, Lake Cayuga

This was taken a few evenings ago, just as you drive north out of Ithaca, on Lake Cayuga, one of the Finger Lakes in New York. 
There are lots of people who live beside the lake, which is beautiful.  The bed and breakfast we stayed at was between King Ferry and Aurora, about 20 minutes drive from Ithaca, so we had lots of opportunities to appreciate the countryside views and old houses that lined the road.
This peaceful patio is at the back of the house where we ended up staying one more night than we had originally planned, because I wasn't quite ready to leave there.  Perfect place to read a book as the sun goes down, or to start the day with coffee, gazing over the meadows.
Yesterday we drove up to Syracuse in the humid, 90 degree F heat.  Quite unexpectedly, we stopped in at a great French restaurant, where i found the best Caprese salad I've had outside of Italy--  plus the warm pear and almond tart was pretty good.  We continued on to the Everson Museum of Art, the entry of which is pictured below: it's a building designed by I.M.Pei.  It had a very nice show on Maxfield Parrish, an artist who worked extensively in commercial art and children's book illustration from about 1890 to 1930's, perhaps, altho those dates could be out a bit.
 They also have an extensive collection of ceramics at the museum.  I do like clay work, and found myself gazing hungrily at tiles from here and there.  these are American art tiles from the 1880's, relief carving with transparent glazes in wonderful glassy colors;

 I also found this rather interesting creature near the education area of the museum:


  1. beautiful pictures except the last - the creature!
    Hope Toad was not disturbed by it. laurel

  2. oh - i do love the porcupine! what a marvelous thing to do with all those old and unlovely needles that lurk in the bottom of the knitting pile...but since i don't do claywork - maybe some felted knitting for the body...oh drat - i did have other things to do today! molly

  3. ha ha, i thought you'd notice the needles,


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