Saturday, June 5, 2010

oh nmo

i spilled sonme liquid onto my keyboard, and something bad has happened.  when i press m, it komes out as a nm kombination -- anmd the b is a bv.  and the C doesn't work unless it is  a Capital.  i am Very sad about this.  there are some problems with other letters as well. i'm havinmg to go through and delete a lot of extra letters1
however, i will add some photos here anyway.
on monday i'm going on  a trip, and i'm trying to get some handwork organized to take along.  So, i Copied some of my knitting patterns with a quiCk referenCe for the gauge. 
this should also help me when i go to yarn stores

 I might also put these tension samples on a ring for quiCk referenCe.


  1. Oh MIchelle! Sorry to hear that your keyboard got wet! Hopefully the keys fix them selves, if you havent already done so, sometimes a q-tip works, to get the keys unstuck!

    Great idea for the patterns, I may have to do that for the ones in my ravelry queue that i know i am not just dreaming about

  2. Oh nmo is right! I'm sorry but the capital C thing made me laugh. I'm really trying hard not to laugh. Really.

  3. -ha-'s ok if u laugh Sue, i- is a sill- -hing 2 have done.
    -hank u for ur simpa-hee lindsa-, i will -ake i- in 2 ge- fixed!!!!


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