Thursday, March 18, 2010

Big Day Part One

 Today is a Big Day at my house.  In my coffee/sewing group we sometimes set aside a whole day for us to get together and work on a project.  Last time we did the collage journals, and today we're working on a quilt project, the "Magic Fourpatch".  That's my name for this technique of making lots of four-patches from squares instead of strip sets.  So!  I have moved some tables into the diningroom/ front room area, made a nice apricot/carrot/coconut and cranberry loaf and am now waiting for everyone to arrive!! Hurray!

This is what I'm going to work on: 

 I had some borders sewn for another project that were just 4 inch squares in a checkerboard pattern.  I decided not to use them on that project however, so I have them all sewn together into a big checkerboard at this point.  I also have a few vintage sunbonnet sues and a stained table runner with lovely embroidered birds on it. 
And here is the view of from the kitchen, looking out into the dining room and living room with all the tables waiting in line:
 And, from the other end, looking toward the kitchen:
 And I have set up the ironing board in the bay window!! Clever me!
Now I'll just go put on a pot of coffee and everything will be all set.
If you want to join along in this project, the Magic Four-Patch, It is very easy to do.  Oh, the door!


  1. Fun! Looks like you are all set to go. Yes, please post the instructions for Magic Four-Patch.

  2. I want to join the Magic Four-Patch. Sounds like fun. Also, wouldn't mind a piece of that loaf!
    Cheers, Ann K.

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you worked on!

  4. I wish you guys were here too, the loaf was yummy!


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