Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Double Wedding Ring

I recently decided that a double wedding ring quilt would be nice to have around. Done in old-fashioned looking fabrics for a real vintage feel.  I did a wall=hanging several years ago that had 9 rings, and it went okay.  Well, it doesn't lay particularly flat, but it didn't cause me too much angst. 

So I started one, thinking to make it 16 rings, in a 4 x 4 arrangement, a nice square lap size. Fortunately i still have the book with the wedding ring pattern templates in it.  I really like this book, "Quilts Galore!", by Diana McClune and Laura Nownes.  I decided to cut down the size of the rings, since I wanted that old-fashioned look, as you know.  So, I just copied the templates at 80% of the full size.  So, instead of a ring being 17" across, I suppose it will be smaller.  Not quite sure of the actual size. 

There was quite a bit of cutting pieces from templates.  Started sewing arcs together, then football shapes.  After a while, I decided to lay out some of the pieces:
 Aaahhh, I thought. This looks a little boring.  So I thought I'd add in some other colors to jazz it up a bit. Right-o. 
 So, because I'd already cut out all the pieces, I now had to make the quilt bigger to add in new colors.  I think I finally settled on a 5 x 6 arrangement.  So I cut out more template pieced fabrics, and sewed more arcs and more football shapes and laid them out on the floor to see how it's going. 
I think it looks pretty much like it did before I jazzed it up.  But now it's bigger. 
Well, whatever.  I am nearly at the hard part, where I have to sew in that squarish center piece and then join them all together.  So I will now take a little break from this project. 


  1. Wow you are brave. This is gorgeous! Love the wall-hanging too!

  2. Wow Michelle, you amaze me! (and inspire me) You make it sound so easy.
    Ann K.

  3. Ann's right - you make it sound so easy!! Plus you make it look easy. 2 posts ago this wasn't even an idea and now you have that much put together. Wow - you make us average quilters look slow. I'm still trying to correct my border issue on my double 9 patch - made from last year's big birthday gifts of material ~~ see how long it has taken me to get to this stage!!
    I do love the wedding one but thought it was pretty complicated to make. Oh and your second choice of materials does add some more punch to it.

  4. thanks, i hope the next part goes as smoothly as the first part!


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