Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Slow-paced Saturday

 Today has been a lazy day for me, but I did put the binding on my table runner, as seen above!  It fits the table quite nicely, and Richard Brought home the flowers!  The little border is pieced, 3/4" squares, and the embroidered pieces are "up-cycled" thrift store finds.  I wish I had more thrift store finds featuring hand embroidery -- it was quite fun mixing them into a quilt.
 I mentioned to the quilt guild that in fact I do plan to write a book, called "Where Did All this Stuff Come From".  The idea is to document some of my favorite stuff, where and how it came to be mine.  So, I spent a few minutes wandering around the house taking photos of stuff.  Below, you see a little bird inspecting a felt ball that I did some embroidery on, both in front of a tile I made when I was a potter.  It is sort of silky, matt feeling since it is done in terra sigillata.  I made a tile by carving the design into leather-hard clay, then casting a plaster mold so that I could make multiples of the tile.

And, because it was so lovely today, this is a photo of one of the window sills in the dining room, can you see that patch of bare ground outside, and the puddle??? In mid-March in Saskatchewan?? Wow.

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