Monday, March 1, 2010

Seriously Cute

I am so excited about this little thing.
I had first seen red and white knitted mug warmers at a big bookstore before Christmas, they were adorable, but I didn't get one.  Then, I saw one on a knitting site recently, which was also very cute, with a cable knitted on it in chunky yarn.  Then, this afternoon, I was blog-surfing and came on this blog here,
  aha, I found it: 
mug warmer by house wren studio
which has a lot of stuff on recycled wool felt.  It showed on in a photo, somewhere that I can't locate now, where it was just simply cut out of a recycled sweater!!  Of course!  This had sort of been in the back of my mind these last couple of days while I've been on a bit of a sweater groove.  So I immediately jumped out of my chair, and found the leftovers from my felted aran wool computer bag and made one.   You can see I just did some easy crocheting with pink around the edges and a chain stitch to make button loops.  Then I had to make a new pot of coffee in order to test it out. 
If you explore around on her blog ( I love it) you will also find photos of take-out cup warmers too!, as well as other great stuff,   

 Don't you just love wool?


  1. I am with you sista, can't get enough wool!
    Ann K.


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