Friday, March 12, 2010

Progress and a business opportunity

 Noticed these little guys in a corner of my sewing room today, they look tired, not sure what they're doing.

My wedding ring quilt has seen a bit of progress today, but it is becoming obvious that I'll have to do some hand piecing on it....
It was a good day for machine quilting... no big hits on pins or anything like that.  I quilted this tablerunner, quite closely, since I want it to lie flat on a table.  Maybe I'll get the binding on in a day or two.  I am liking the way it's turning out. 

It occurred to me again today, while winding bobbins, that some 8 or 9 year old could make some spending money by winding bobbins for people.. The customer could drop off 50 or so bobbins and the thread, and then the young entrepreneur could wind them and charge by the bobbin, like 10 or 12 cents each, which could work out pretty good for both parties.  I would be a customer.  Just saying. 


  1. Your tablerunner is beautiful! Is that a striped or pieced border? And the embroidered sections are so pretty.

  2. thankyou! i am uploading a photo of the finished!! project


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