Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Turn that quilt on it's side

I sewed up the rest of my four-patches this morning into a quilt top.  Hurray!, -- this is what I did:  (you might have seen me do this to other quilt tops in the past)
This is the basic block, it is 7-1/2" finished:

There were enough 4-patches to make exactly! 54 blocks, so I was able to make a setting that is 6 blocks wide, and 9 blocks high:  (I sewed them into 6 groups of nine, then sewed those together)

 I wanted to have the strips of little squares running up and down vertically, rather than diagonally, so I had to turn the quilt on it's side. 
So, I cut a diagonal line from the bottom left hand corner, at a 45degree angle, have you ever done that?

then, move the bottom triangle to the top edge and sew it on,
then, turn that quilt so that the diagonal makes the sides,, ...

and then, cut another line horizontally across the quilt from your new side....

 and move that bottom triangle to the top,.. and then sew that seam,
 and then, stay-stitch all around the edges, because they're cut on the bias.. and voi-la, you now have a whole new look!!!!!
 easy peasy, time to go make an espresso.


  1. Gutsy move! I would have been scared out of my mind to have cut the blocks, but what a great idea. Maybe that's why I'm a follower and not a leader :D

    Good job; this is a great quilt.

  2. I know a person who is much more adventurous than I am, who just cuts through blocks and rearranges things, and I always admire her stuff, it's sort of fun

  3. Wow, your quilt is gorgeous! I never would have thought to cut it like that. Super clever.

  4. I did this with my Charmed: A nine-patch as per your instructions, but I had added an extra row and column, and now my quilt to very LONG but not proportionally as wide. Any ideas?


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