Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just so You Know

Just so you know, I am working on Part II of how to make a braided rug, so don't worry!  Hope you are collecting wool --- and another thing you can collect is nylons.  Yes.  Pantyhose, it is used to lace the braids together.
Also, just so you know, I had a great day today, which wasn't hard because the weather was so spring-like.  It is hard to believe that it is only mid-March. 

I spent several hours at my friend Linda's house today, where we (the 7 of us) had a "big day" of being together and making stuff.  Some of us did some collaged covers on blank books.  The base for my book is a watercolor paper "field" book, so the pages are fairly thick.  I just glued on various papers to the covers, inside and out, and some edging decorations on most of the pages.  I intend to use the book to keep track of the knitting and crocheting items that I make.  The others are using theirs as calendars, which I would have done too, except I already have one.

Some of us also popped over to the Saskatchewan Craft Council Gallery to see the show, "The Art of the Book" or something like that.  It was pretty good, but yesterday I also went to a show that I liked A Lot! It was at the Darrell Bell Gallery downtown on 3rd Ave, and featured the stitched landscapes by Margot Livesay.  They were amazing and I loved them.  Way to go, Margot!!


  1. I love your collaged cover - it's so fun to get together with friends and craft.

  2. thanks alli! Yeah, I always look forward to getting together with them.


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