Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wool Blanket

As I may have mentioned earlier, I was inspired by some tea towels to make a composite wool blanket from some felted wool blankets I have.
Yes, these were thrift store 100% wool blankets in pretty good condition that I washed in HOT water and put in the dryer, so they became super thick and cozy.  A bit small, but cozy.  The orange one I started cutting strips off of to use for braided rugs, but  I still had quite a chunk of it.  So....
I decided to make a new blanket, and so far, I have basted/zig-zagged two pieces together, and I'm crocheting an edging around the whole thing...
I did a test-drive on a smaller square,

and quite liked the effect, except for the larger blanket I switched to a thicker yarn to make it a bit chunkier, now I'm wondering if I should add some blue or just keep it all white,   guess I don't have to decide right away.

Have a great Thursday!

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