Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Inspiring Tea Towels

I do love decorated tea towels.  They are so useful and pretty.  When I was in Edmonton a few weeks ago, I checked out the new Anthropologie store at the West Edmonton Mall and got this lovely appliqued cakestand:
And, last year I picked up this fun towel at MacKenzie-Childs in Aurora, NY,
 These two came from a thrift shop in Olcott, NY,
can you see the tatted trim is different on each of them (this is where I`d usually put a question mark, but something is wrong with the keyboard, and it turns into a É)
 All in a jumble they have sort of a pink party feel to them.

But, the best are these:
photo of tea towels  by Charlotte Lyons.
 Aren't they great? You can visit her blog housewrenstudio.  She does a lot with felted sweaters.

The thing is, I was thinking of these tea towels, and loving them, and something occurred to me.  Why not try this sort of edge decoration thing on a larger scale, like a blanket, or a table-cloth.
My thrift-scout/personal shopper sister Gerry, found me these wonderful wool blankets.

  They are such happy colors, and I have already started using the light orange one for some rug braiding strips.  However, why not use one of the pink ones as a center and sew a strip of orange on the top and the bottom, and some other decorative strips and applique as well.......  stay posted, I am so excited.


  1. Love these towels! What a nice collection. I have some and I really treasure them all. :)

  2. they're fun to collect, aren't they? did you see the little pigs on the edge of the second one?


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