Friday, April 16, 2010

New socks

Today was a lovely day to spend outdoors, cleaning up the yard and the back shed.
Later in the afternoon I took my knitting outside with a glass of wine.  As I knitted, I noticed that the wine was the same color as one of my yarns.  I got this yarns earlier this week, they are wool and alpaca/wool blends that are locally produced.  I love this yarn. I first got some a couple months ago that I've been crocheting a granny squares afghan, but in some other colors.  It is such a bouncy wool, and I've been eager to knit something with it.  So I decided that a pair of socks would be a good idea.  They are on size 2.25mm needles until the pattern is done, and then they switch to size 2mm for the bottom part of the sock to do all in white. The green is very cheery at this time of year before anything outside has really turned green-- except a few things are starting to emerge. 
I do a yard inspection every day to see what is happening.  This is the monkshood, which is about 4 inches tall.
The weather forecast for the weekend is looking great, so I hope you get out and enjoy it!


  1. Groovy socks!!! Don't you just love the way red wine goes with just about everything!!!!?? I particularly like it when I'm machine quilting!!!

    We are heading into Winter here - love this time of year - cooler mornings and nights and glorious days - great sewing weather!

    Have a lovely day!

  2. love the picture and the colours for the socks.
    Now tell me, do you also darn the socks you make when they get holes in them??? Laurel

  3. aaahhh, did the socks get holes in them?

  4. yes, and Granma showed me how to darn so perhaps I should do it - can I find the fabric at the wool shop? laurel


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