Sunday, April 25, 2010

Colorful Sunday

Sometimes when i write a post, I start by uploading some photos that I've taken in the last day.  Sometimes when I upload them all at once, they change the sequence.  That's what happened this time, so I will begin commenting on them in that order.

It was quite dreary weather here this weekend, and today there has been a sort of light snow falling.  To counteract this, I looked at how pretty the colored glass looks on the shelves.  I have started to collect some tiny little vases to put tiny little flower arrangements into.  The little red and gold one I got at a Mennonite second-hand store, and I love the color of it.

Next up is a nametag I made from some odds and ends.  I am going to a workshop later this week, and I noticed that they said to bring a nametag.  So, I had to make one. I'm not sure if I like it or not.  I may need to make a different one. 
I finished the first sock of this pattern.  It is a pattern from my book called "Favorite Socks", by Interweave Press. Now I need to do the second sock, which in my experience is quite a bit more time consuming than the first sock.
Yesterday at the farmers market there were some people outside the building demonstrating how you can use solar heat to bake cookies.  Quite impressive considering that there was almost zero sun at the time. 
 but here is the proof that the cookies did bake.

 One thing about the nametag, is that in making it I pulled out some embellishment stuff: little doo-dads and colored thread.  I was enjoying the hand stitching on wool so I decided to add a bit of color to the wool bags I made a while back.
 The blue one got some beaded, crocheted berries on either side.
The turquoise one received some bright green stitches along the zipper line.
And the green one got deluxe treatment with some navy granny squares and chain stitch detailing:

 So, there was quite a bit of color today after all!

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  1. Not quite as much color at my house as yours although I did make bean soup (a bit of color) and french bread (what it lacked in color it made up for in taste) and tried to work on a baby burrito. If I could have done the quilting it would have been colorful but as it was it didn't happen!! I cleaned cupboards and all the lights on the main floor which helped create light but not as pretty as your vases and the light in created. Loved your little bags - your hand work is so unique and creative. Your frequent entries and creativity and inspiring me!


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