Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Absolutely gorgeous day out here in Asquith, must have been above 20, (don't know what that is in Farenheit, maybe 70?) Spent several hours out in the yard, organizing the outdoor building and its covered storage area, trying to move it into the direction of it becoming a new pottery studio for me.. Well, there, i' ve taken actual steps toward this, as it's been on my mind lately, working with clay again.  For those of you who don't know, I spent 8 years as a potter before opening Periwinkle.   Well, I also had some lily bulbs to plant in containers, since it is still much too early to plant into the ground, even though it feels so inviting to do so.
I've been sleeping a lot lately due to this darn cold, but have also been chipping away at a few projects.  Yes, Bernie, I do seem to have a lot of projects on the go.  Altho I have been crocheting another granny-squares afghan, I took a short detour to knit a little pair of socks out of some leftover sock wool.  They are pretty cute!!  I guess they'll just go into my gift trunk to pull out when some little person needs socks.
I've also sewn a bit on the double wedding ring project.  It is somewhat unsatisfactory in that it refuses to be flat.  I don't remember this problem the last time I sewed this pattern, really.  Well okay, just a little bit.  But this time it is more pronounced.  So, I have cut it down from 35 rings to 25 rings.  So there.

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