Monday, April 26, 2010

The Five Year Project

Several years ago, I think about 6 or 7, I decided to start a project that would be one that I could work on as a handwork project without worrying how long it would take.  A  friend had recently been working on an English Paper Pieced Grandmother's Flower Garden project, and I thought it looked intriguing.  (yes, it is her longterm project too!).  So, I found some of the paper templates, collected some fabrics and began.  When i had accumulated about a dozen of the "flowers", I thought that was enough.  I contemplated how to set them together and decided to use 10 of them. After appliqueing the center down onto a solid piece of background fabric, I then decided it needed some appliqued birds and flowers.  That part was not so much fun, but I finished it last night!  Today i basted the quilt top, and now I need to decide what sort of quilting to do!!

I'm pretty sure I won't be hand quilting it.  I have learned that I have some limitations, one of which is that I am easily bored, and a hand quilted project could take 6 or 7 more years!  So, machine quilting it will be!  But how?
(Oh yes, I might add more borders later, but this is about the biggest size I feel like I can handle on my little machine)
I guess I might have to mull this one over a bit.


  1. Ok this is just scary. I think we are kindred spirits! And here is why!!
    When we moved out here I started looking for a "to and from" work hand project because my husband drives and I have time on my hands. I also wanted something to do at his office while I wait for him.
    My grandmother bought Ron and I a grandmother's garden quilt for our wedding in 1981. Over many years of wear parts of it fell apart so I tucked it away. While packing to move out here I found it so there started the project.
    I have taken the backing and batting away and stitch ripped apart everything that was in shreds. The plan was to make it from a queen to a single for the bed in the room that we call (you guessed it) the grandmother's room!
    I went on line and found the pattern for the grandmother's flower garden. My mom gave me some of my grandmother's aprons - one or two of them are in really decent shape and the material would work well for the larger outer circle.
    BUT there is sits stalled because I have no idea how to actually hand sew the little shapes together and I'm too intimitated to actually cut apart my grandmother's aprons.
    At the quilt show I saw one that was a small wall hanging with some flowers and bugs created out of portions of the pattern adn thought maybe I would re make it smaller and do that around the edges.
    BUT there it sits. And here is yours - looking absolutely amazing and perhaps inspiring me. I think you should come over to my house on May 11th (my only day off during the week for the month of May) and you can enjoy my quilting space and I can leech some of your creative juices into this project. It's funny - I was just sitting at Ron's office this afternoon bored with nothing to do thinking I need a book or a project!! Let me know if that date works for you.

  2. amazing, you are truly the restoration queen. not only houses but quilts that you ressurrect! sounds great!!

  3. So do you want to come over on May 11th - morning or afternoon?

  4. hi, anytime is good, i also sent you an email, which i hope did not go astray... we can decide closer to the day if you like... or if you are having anyone else at the same time (Jackie?) she might have a time preference. m


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