Sunday, April 11, 2010

nine-patch puzzle

Well, it seems to have happened again.  I started to make nine-patches without a definite project in mind, but not really intending to make it much bigger than a lap-size.  So, I cut some strips, and then a few more to match up some colors, and started sewing.  Now I realize that I will have enough nine-patches for a king-size quilt at least.  (Okay, I realize that those words have probably been voiced all over north america already) 
Nonetheless, it is my problem today.  So, I am trying to discover what is special about nine-patches, something that they do that four-patches can't do.
 I remember that at the quilt guild meeting someone asked me where I found inspiration for new quilts.  This is an example of inspiration-mystification, which might lead to inspiration-desperation.

I will use up these blocks,-- just not quite sure yet how that will happen (or how many new projects have been started).
Any ideas? Let me know!


  1. What about 2 lap quilts? Or a couple of nine-patch pizzaz-type creations? Or you could just give them to me! :)

  2. you know they seem to be Patti colors....

  3. It's true. I love them. They'll be beautiful whatever you decide.

  4. I think they would be beautiful in one big gigantic quilt. But I don't think that's what you wanted to hear. ;)

  5. I was sure it was going to become a disappearing nine patch!


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