Friday, April 23, 2010

Paperwork Friday

Yesterday I stopped in at the bakery on 8th Street, I think it's called Earth Bound, or something like that.  They serve some very nice coffees and treats.  Today I had a slice of fruit and nut bread with butter and jam. Very yummy.  Isn't a loaf of bread a beautiful thing?
At the shop, I took a couple of photos of some new fabrics.  I love these new stripes from French General,

These flannels have me thinking of what I can do with them.  They look sort of wintery to me tho, and perhaps I'm still in spring sewing mode.
As for today, I haven't had too much visual excitement.  After a quiet morning, I've spent the whole afternoon with my computer and it's accounting program, getting caught up on the inevitable paperwork.  Which is good,

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