Friday, April 9, 2010


I'm back at home safe and warm, after being in town and doing errands today in a snowstorm.  Now, I plan to sew some nine-patches. I picked out some greens, lilac, pink and blue to do some simple blocks.
I have mostly fat quarters in my stash, and I figured out that if I cut 2-1/2" strips x the 22" length, and used 3 of one color and 3 of another color together, and sewed 2 strip sets, of 3 strips each, I could get 5 nine-patches from each set.  So I've cut out lots of strips and now just need to do some sewing!

And, I'm wearing my happy day bracelet!


  1. Interesting,(insert theme song to twilight zone) as I was thinking of what my next quilt should be and planning a 9 patch. I am hoping you will show your results. Ann K.

  2. My guess is you are going to do a disappearing nine patch!! When my camera comes back I will post pictures on my Facebook or email them to you of how mine turned out. Pretty busy as it was all little boy fabric.

  3. ha ha, the nine-patches are everywhere! but I have no real plan on this one. sometimes a nine-patch is just a nine-patch!!

  4. Wait. What? A snowstorm? Really?


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