Monday, April 19, 2010

time to quilt

 This morning has been a time to baste, now it is time to quilt. You might have noticed, but were too polite to mention, that I seem to be accumulating quilt tops again.   I do like to sew quilt tops.  I think my favorite part of all is when some blocks have been sewn together and you can set them together and start to see how the quilt will look.  Also, cutting out the fabrics is a lot of fun.  I rather like the quilting part, as long as I get into the zone and nothing acts up with the thread or tension, but the basting is always a bit of an obstacle.  I think this is because it entails crouching on the floor and throwing around big chunks of bulky batting.  Also I don't really enjoy piecing the backs together, which I find awkward to manipulate those big pieces of fabric.

 Well that's enough whining, this morning I have basted these three quilts, which I admit are all smaller sized. 
As for the garden report, I can see that some grass outside my window is now definitely green.  
In the backyard shed, I have planted some seeds, (monarda and purple coneflower, some lily bulbs) and broken up a hens and chicks that I had in the house over the winter:

  The columbine:
 The robins have been hanging around the yard.  Some of them are quite fat. 
Guess it's time to quilt!
Oh, I checked our orders and we should be getting in a huge fabric order today, probably our long-overdue batiks and, --can you believe it-- Christmas collections!!!

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