Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sunshine today

It's a gorgeous day today, with sunlight after 2 days of rain, and Toad is sitting by my window to keep me company.
I am putting the finishing details on the pattern for Saturday's block and the new pattern for the disappearing 9-patch.
I made a table to use as a quick reference guide to make various sizes of quilts, starting with 5-inch blocks.  However,  I have discovered that you can't just copy and paste from a word document to this blogger format.  I will however try to put it into straight columns so you can perhaps use it if you're interested.
This did not work.  I will think of something else.
 Aha! I have photographed it! that's why it sort of waves a bit, but you should still be able to read the info from it, and also, a little refresher about the technique,

 basically, you sew the squares into nine-patches, then cut each nine-patch into 4 equal parts, and voila!!!

But, for now, I guess I'd better head into town to do pay-checks.
Have a great day.
p.s. did i mention that I now have a convertible?!!!! it is lovely! I love it! 
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