Thursday, April 22, 2010

Trivia Thursday

 This is the yarn that I have been using lately:
 The one on the right, by Willow Island is my favorite.  It is 100% wool, and very squishy. They have a limited range of hand-dyed colors.  I've been using them in a granny squares afghan which I am nearly finished, but just have some rounds to crochet around the whole thing.

 Yesterday I finished quilting the 3 small quilts that I had basted.
This is the kid's disappearing nine-patch that we made kits of for the store, and  so I took it in there on Tuesday to display as the sample.  It has some pretty bright fabrics, but I liked how it turned out.

 Even though the colors weren't quite a match, I used this flannel on the back of it, because I just loved it.

 Since I was on a roll, and had a few blocks left over, I decided to pull some other fabrics from my stash to use up some odds and ends... you know how that goes.  So this is the second one,
Oh, and I sewed in a little piece of an old embroidered table runner. 
Then, I had the other end of it left over, and a bunch of odd scraps, so I decided to start sewing them all together in a "decide as you go" kind of thing:
These are the odd shaped scraps around my sewing machine yet to add to this center.

 And this is the pile of extra fabric that I had left when I cleaned up my cutting table!!!!
 Why is it that you can sew several projects from a group of fabrics and then still have so much left over?
Oh, you may notice the "Monet" colored fabrics there as well.  I sewed that nine-patch quilt from them last week, and just thought I'd mention that the top Is finished, in case you might have thought I had abandoned it-- not so!  Although it does need to be quilted now.  Hmm.  I quilted 3 this week and will have 3 more to quilt when I finish the scrap quilt. Maybe I'll use it as the back of the other one.  That'll kill 2 birds with one stone. So to speak.  I would never kill birds.  Not with stones or any other method.  I love birds.
 Oh, I popped into the store to see the new fabrics and there were no Christmas fabrics there after all!  Instead we got about 25 batiks (about half of what we've been waiting for), the new Nancy Halvorson/ Art to Heart line: Garden song, which is lovely, and has a book that features the  fabrics. Very Pretty.
Then we got the new French General group called "Rural Jardin", I think, which again has those gorgeous reds, with "oyster" and some nice blues this time.
We also got some other stuff as well!  I'll drop by there later today to refresh my memory.  Have a great day!


  1. Holy cow! You are constantly so creative!! When the heck do you find time to do housework and groceries? I'm almost finished the 5th baby blanket/quilts that I have been making and that will probably be the end of sewing for me until fall. One heck of a lot of outside work to do as soon as the weather turns back around.

  2. hi bernie, who says I do housework and groceries? ha ha. I have a book on old quilts that i will peruse in regard to the forestry farm project.


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