Monday, April 12, 2010

the plan

Yes, Sue, we had a snow-storm here late last week, which was quite unpleasant at the time, but now the snow is gone again, and I'm hoping for sunny skies soon. 
I've decided to sew the 121 nine patches together into one unit, and to not keep making more nine-patches with the strips that I had already cut out.  Who knows what they will be for. 
I had a dream last night about quilts that I wanted to make.  Now I'm gung ho to do them.  I feel like a grasshopper, hopping from one thing to the next.  One of them seemed nice in the dream, it would be a little kid's quilt, with tiny paper pieced animals like ducks in the center of big white squares.  Has this been done already?
But, I know i need to sew my nine-patches together, and also get this weeks block ready too.  As Nancy says, "Focus!".
Maybe i'll make an espresso then I'll sew like a madman until the caffeine wears off...


  1. Michelle,
    People alreadys read my blog and think that Ron and I are crazy with what we do. I don't think you are crazy - I just can't believe how much sewing you do!! 121 nine patch - the blocks look like 3" maybe!!! And the next entry you will have finished it and be moving on to something else and something else!! You are so creative.

  2. I like your dream idea, sounds cute!


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