Thursday, February 2, 2012

Morning Commute

It is about a 20 minute drive from where I live to get into Saskatoon, but sometimes it is really pretty landscape.  This morning just before nine, the sky was all pastels,

taken through my truck window at 105 km/hr
here, I had pulled over for a moment, so it's a bit more clear...
 there was just a touch of frost in the branches and on the grass
 doesn't it look like a sunset?
it has been called big sky country,
 The days might be getting longer, because the next ones were taken last Wednesday at abbout 8:45 a.m,, and it was a lot darker that morning,


  1. Hmm, glad I am down here in Savannah!

  2. Absolutely lovely! Dawn and dusk are so beautiful...

  3. I love big sky country - I have so many pictures of sunrises and sunsets! thanks for sharing these pretty ones. Unlike your friend above I'm glad to be up here with the snow and the hoar frost.

  4. i agree with bernie - no matter how many times i see one of our beautiful sunrises or sunsets, i still am so moved...i spent a few days in the mountains last summer and was surprised that sunsets consisted of 'sun's up - now it's gone' without any fanfare whatsoever! just one more reason that the prairies rule!

    1. yes, it really is one of the things that makes the prairies beautiful

  5. Lovely pictures. Sometimes the beauty of our province helps with the horrible weather....however so far this winter has been great


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