Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friday-- The Savannah Museum of Art

 the Savannah Museum of Art has only been open for a short time-- a couple of months perhaps.  It is a wonderful building,with some beautiful spaces for exhibitions, and lots of other spaces as well.

Below, this is from an exhibit about the blacks who were brought here to be slaves-- they made the bricks that built many of the beautiful buildings in the area.  These bricks are highly coveted today.
 One of the areas is the Andre Leon Talley Gallery,
 appropriately focusing on fashion
Vera Wang
 This magnificent dress was worn by Christina Ricci to the Alexander McQueen "Savage Beauty" exhibit in NYCity.  (You can see more about that incredible exhibit here )
 totally fantastic, it has about 3 layers of gauzy mesh
( and it is for a very tiny person)

This is me, below, in the side gallery  (the photos below are taken by my sister)
 Earlier that day, we had gone to the Book Lady used book store on Liberty Street
 which stocks an excellent assortment of books in a very cozy collection of rooms, also including the smallest coffee shop I have ever seen.
 And we also went to the Savannah Tea Room where we had a lovely lunch!
 Today.... we go to learn how to spin wool at an afternoon workshop!! wow!


  1. Interesting display of the bricks.
    And I love the dresses...can you just imagine wearing one of those?

  2. only in my wildest dreams, flo! and probably only those fueled by illicit substances, hee hee! but those dresses are fantastic, aren't they? thank you so much for sharing your fun with us, michelle!

  3. I suspect you ladies might have had just as much satisfaction or more creating those lovely dresses as wearing them! ... And you wouldn't have to worry if you were walking or posing correctly:)
    - the sister -


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