Friday, February 3, 2012

A Coupon for the Store

Ever since I discovered the printer-friendly feature, I have wanted to try to use it for customers who come to the shop who also visit this blog or the web-site.  I thought that it would be fun to offer these lovely people a coupon that you can print out yourself, so this is my first try!!!

Print out this coupon and take it to the shop to get your savings!  Click on the green  printer friendly button at the bottom of the post to get a simpler format. 

Let's say....

Special Offer:  with this coupon, you will get 25% off any Kona cottons that you purchase, can be pre-cuts or off the bolt!!!!
This coupon is valid from Saturday, Feb 4 through Saturday, Feb 18th, 2012 only.
Limit one per customer.

 Periwinkle Quilting and Beyond    933-3072
#105-2105 8th St E Saskatoon, Sask, (in Grosvenor Park Mall )

(to access the coupon on the website, go to the "Savings" section)


  1. Thank you for the great coupon. I was planning on stopping by on Saturday so i shall print this out and use it :)

  2. Excellent! Good timing! Hope the roads are good, m

  3. wow..thank you so much!! I will be home just in the nick of time to use this coupon!!


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