Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Tourist in Savannah

Today I was a tourist in Savannah.
My sister arrived yesterday for a visit and so today we drove around to familiarize her with the layout of the town..
So, in no particular order, these are some of the places we went past.  Of course, I was driving so I missed many photo opportunities!
Inside a tulip magnolia blossom, who knew there was all that in there?
someone's courtyard garden with a lovely fountain
the magic of digital photography allows for close-up cropping to see more details
the stars on this flag are stitched on, not printed
typical street view near downtown
inside Soho South, where we had lunch
ornate metal banister on a ramp down to River Street
Savannah from the other side of the river.   The gold dome is on City Hall, I think.  The buildings that front the river are the oldest in town, now housing mostly restaurants, pubs and souvenir shops.
Inside "The Paris Market", on Broughton Street, one of my favorite stores.
they also have a small coffee bar,
so we grabbed a coffee to go and went...
to drink the coffee in one of the squares, because the sun was out!
ended up at the Bonaventure cemetery,

which I posted about before, at Christmas-time,


  1. what a lovely place! and how nice to be able to share some of your favorite bits with your sister - even nicer when you discover new soon-to-be-favorites with her! enjoy your time together!

  2. Isn't the Savannah the perfect place to play tourist in? We always see way more when we have visitors than we do on our own... I'm sitting in Galllery Espresso writing this. ;-) Have a fun visit with your sister!! :) Silke

  3. Thanks for the tour of Savannah. Looks warmer than it is here and that would be welcome. Interesting that the crocheted mat in the other post didn't felt like a knitted one would have. Curious! We learn new things every day, don't we?

  4. Love the pics. Neat that you ended up back at the cemetary! I'd love to come tour it - looks very interesting and your pictures are certainly doing it justice. Enjoy the weekend - we feel almost spring like here as well. It is +2 and melting!

  5. The inside of the tulip magnolia blossom is amazing! What kind of trees are the ones that seem to drape? I've seen pictures of them before (and in movies) but I don't know what they are. Thanks!


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