Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Spinning workshop

On Saturday, Laurel and I went to the Oatland Island Wildlife Center to the Fiber Guild's workshop: Taste of Spinning with Sally Kroenke. 
This is the room where they do their spinning and weaving
These are the hand carders that you use to brush the wool roving to open it up and get it all fluffy
We used drop spindles to spin the yarn,
 It was quite a learning experience.  It was quite interesting, and we learned a lot. 
 After we spun our fluffy wool into yarn, we wound it on a "niddy-noddy" to make it into a skein.
 It was fun, and I certainly developed a deeper understanding of the whole process.
It was a bit tiring, however, so of course, we had to pop downtown....
 for a Coffee!!! at our favorite, Gallery Espresso!

P.s. our yarns have been washed and are hanging up to dry--
 Hope you're having a great weekend....


  1. Fun, fun, fun! Believe it or now, we had to learn washing fleece, dying it with natural pigments, spinning it and then weaving it when I was in high school! I took another class later on when we lived in NM, but I always enjoyed knitting more than I did the spinning part. I love the color of your yarn! Did you get enough to make something with it? Best, Silke

    1. I think that I too like the knitting better than the spinning. I think that I have about eighty feet of the yarn, it is a nice light blue. Not sure what to do with it, maybe an edging to some mittens, or maybe a flower...

  2. Ok, I should spell check before I post: "Believe it or not" and we were actually dyeing the yarn and not dying it. :-)


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