Saturday, February 4, 2012

works in progress... Saturday?

I often participate in the work in progress link-up on Wednesdays, but the last couple of weeks have been a bit out of the routine for me.  However, I have been working on a couple of things!
Both of these projects are shop samples, so you will be able to visit them there when they are finished.
First, this is a baby-size "Yellow Brick Road":

It uses flannel with sock monkey designs on it.  (For those who want to buy yardage of the border fabric, do not fear, we should be receiving more, and in other colors as well,-- only 11 out of the 17 bolts we had ordered have arrived so far).  It has bananas and knit looking fabrics as well. 
This is the first time I've personally used minkee as the backing, and it was so much easier than I had worried about!  I thought that it would get pleats all over because it's stretchy, but that didn't happen at all!  I will definitely do another minkee backing, and it's 60 inches wide, so I didn't have to piece it either. 
I still need to stitch the binding to the back, but I already love how soft and cuddly it is.  I don't think that I'll have any trouble finding a recipient for this one! Maybe for this guy....
 Isn't he adorable???? his name is Christchian and he will be 6 months old soon, (Yes, he is my daughter's little boy)
 Just today I also started a quilt using the Pam Kitty Morning fabrics by Lakehouse.  They are so cheery!
 Also, I've been dyeing more wool...
 The pinks and oranges are already cut in swatches.  I thought I'd do some pastels because of Easter coming up soon!
 I hope you are having a great weekend! the weather is fabulous today, as seems to be usual this year... the little bit of snow that was on my roof seems to have melted off now! 


  1. the yellow brick road pattern works up very cute as sock mnkey.

    i have never used minky , as
    i too think it would be trouble. did you do any thing speical when working with it??? Iwould be tempted to try it to just for the cuddle factor.
    in stitches

    1. Annette, it is so nice to have on the finished quilt, and sewing on the binding was a breeze! I didn't want to let go of the quilt it was so cuddly. I will def be using more minkes backings! Go for it!

  2. i've used minkee quite a bit and was scared of it at first...i found that using a walking foot solved the stretchy problem quite nicely. the most aggravating thing about it is how it 'sheds' when i'm cutting it out - but i solved that one by keeping my hand-vac beside me as i cut and sucking up all the bits at the end of every cut - takes practically no time when i'm doing it and saves a lot of clean-up time!
    what a dear wee baby! isn't the gramma-gig just the best?

    1. Molly, I will be using minkee for a lot of quilts, I think, it was so much easier than I thought it would be. I'm just getting used to the idea of this new role -- grandma, it is so wonderful to see my daughter blossom in taking care of this little guy, she is doing a great job,


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