Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In the Pink

Both my sister and I like to look at houses, and so when we went up to Beaufort yesterday we did a little drive around the historic area,
How would you like to wake up and have your morning coffee on this veranda?

and the tulip magnolias in the spanish moss complement the house colors
This is one of my favorite fabric color combinations-- pink, green, white, with a bit of grey or tan...

 Patti, the grey, trailing stuff is the spanish moss, that is loose but grows in the trees, It is very happy to co-exist with the live oak but it can damage some trees and shrubs.
 This was another nice entry way, --I love the traditional dark wood door and lace curtains, windows all around the door to let in more light,
 and then there is this over the top, fern drenched entrance.  Actually, I think this is the house where they filmed the movie, "the Big Chill" in the early 80's.
 I am still doing some little bits of crochet and knitting with the view to felting the items, but will need to gather my thoughts about them. 


  1. so beautiful, michelle! thank you for sharing your travels with us - it's 'almost' as good as being there with you!
    well, no it's not, but it's the closest i'm ever going to come to it, so i'm being optimistic!
    the colours are so amazing, especially when we're viewing them from here...

  2. I LOVE veranda' beautiful. Have fun exploring!

  3. I love your pictures of the south. I feel like I am getting a guided tour!

  4. The pink and white verandah is absolutely beautiful...I'd love to sit out in the mornings on something like that (although maybe no one wants to see my housecoat and jammies, tee hee!) And I didn't realize that the spanish moss was an add-on to the trees...very interesting indeed!


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