Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Some of the Current Shop Samples

 Nancy and Miriam arranged the Saturday Surprise blocks on the wall in such a nice way! It is interesting to see how they are starting to look all together.  I predict that there are going to be some really nice quilts in the future!  If you are doing them, have you started thinking of how you're going to put them together?? Me neither.
But! I am embarking on a big project.  I am re-doing all the setting patterns that we have available.  (These are the 20 settings ideas patterns that we have available as one page for $1, or in the booklet for $19.00).  I would have done this sooner, but the computer where all the files were had a sad demise.  I hope to figure out a few new patterns as well.  So, this is a pretty big project for me, since it entails a lot of typing, and playing around on my EQ6 program, and math (which I do enjoy).

The quilts below are some of our current kits at the store!
Tic-tacs, the small blocks, sewn by Patti-- it uses the" Restoration" fabrics
Children's quilt using the new panel by American Jane, sewn by Wendy
Hopscotch, using the Pam Kitty Morning fabrics,  this is just a top at the moment, (I sewed it this weekend), but Patti is going to quilt it and then we will have it at the store).  For the kit version we will leave out the dark green, since it seems to pop out quite a bit.
I really love the border fabric!
I also finished the binding on the child-size Yellow brick road using the Funky Monkey brushed cottons, and it is at the store.  You are welcome to go cuddle this quilt.  It is seriously soft.

We also got in a lot more of the 5" flannel squares that nancy made into that amazing quilt, because that is another soft, wonderful thing.  Sorry I forgot to take a photo!
There are other projects in the "kit" pipe-line, which is so exciting.
Also, I had some nice scraps left over from the pam kitty fabrics, which I am hoping to sew into a dresden plate quilt! 
Sew many quilts! Sew much fun!  (as Annette would say! :)

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  1. Just saying a little hello! The quilts are beautiful!! :) Silke


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