Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Great Saturday

Today we had a really good outing!  It was a craft sale at the Savannah Convention Center, which had about 250 vendors.
Each of us got a gift to ourselves!
 Richard now has a psaltery that is sort of like some kind of dulcimer, which you play with a bow.  It is chromatic, with the "white keys" on one side of the triangle and the "black keys" on the other side.The couple that produces and sells them were really nice, and they did a little mini-concert. She played the psaltery with him accompanying her on guitar.  It sounded great, just what you would expect from Appalachian style music.
Later, we came across Marian, who is the folk artist from Oneonta Alabama who has a lot to say and a lot to paint.  I really love her stuff, even more so since I got my little painting home.  This is her aunt.  If you want to see more of her stuff, (And You Do!) these are links:
  her etsy shop is here
 and her blog is here

On the way home, we stopped in at an Antique Store and found a dining room table!
We've been using a little oak table in the dining room, but the one we got today is really pretty, with a parquet top and wavy edges.  I think it will go with the chairs I got some time ago.  It should get delivered this week!
And after all that excitement, I continued on with my applique blocks:
 It is a "puzzle set".  That means that I spread the pieced blocks out on my design wall, and then made an arbitrary perimeter with masking tape -- the center measures 47" x 60"
 By some pretty fancy calculations, I was able to figure out what size of pieces I would need to piece in to make the background.  It was quite neat how 3 of the blocks turned out to be the exact same size!! I love how math works!
 Then I planned what to put on each block.  I have a book that I've often pored over, dreaming of sometime making a quilt with their designs.  It is by Blackbird Designs, called Birds of a Feather:
 I simplified the designs quite a bit, and had to change some configurations of elements to make them fit the block shapes, but I am pretty happy about how it's progressing.
 Now comes the sewing part--- going around the shapes with buttonhole stitch.  Well that might take a little time, but I might do it in stages.  While I do that, I'll have time to mull over what to do for borders...
Thanks for visiting and listening to what I did today! I hope you are having a good weekend too,
(and I must tell you that I also found an opportunity for a piece of coconut cream pie)


  1. Michelle, that quilt is just gorgeous! I love the colors and the design of it!

    And that psaltery brought back memories. We used to have one - maybe even still do... Looks like Richard is having fun with it.

    Nice art you found! And a beautiful dining table. I'd call that a very successful day!

    :) Silke

    1. yes, he likes it quite a lot, I had never seen one before.

  2. you did indeed have a very successful day, both of you! i am envious of both the psaltery and the coconut cream pie - and wistful about the applique quilt.
    guess i'd better get baking and practising, eh?

    1. hi Molly, yes, it was quite a day, You just need to know where your next piece of pie is coming from.

  3. Sounds like you had a really fun day! You'll have to post a pic of your new table once it arrives...and your Art to Heart quilt is just beautiful! The appliques make the whole thing! Keep enjoying Savannah!

  4. what a lovely quilt! and I look forward to hearing some great music soon...

  5. What a wonderful post! So much food for my hungry eyes. I LOVE your quilt, the combination of the birds with the blocks is just wonderful. And I've got to go now to check out the links for that folk artist. That painting makes me happy. Thanks for stopping by Small Works to offer your support, but mostly because it led me here for a much needed little moment to smile.


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