Friday, February 3, 2012

Startling Discovery

 I was assembling an order for books and notions, and tried to order a book we have had in stock before.  I wanted to get  more copies of "Quilts from The Selvage Edge" by Karen Griska

I couldn't seem to find it, yet I knew I had ordered it from that supplier not long ago.  I went to a book selling site to check that I had the name and author correct, and was startled to find that new copies of the book are now selling for $194.00 to $300.00 each, and used at about $95.00.
I was stunned.
I'm glad that I got my personal copy when I did.  and for those of you who I persuaded to get the book, you can thank me now. (or sell it on ebay and make some $$)
I had wanted the book because I have been working on a selvage quilt from Karen's blog, from the instructions she has, here
It is a nice project, I made mine with 12 blocks,
 everything is sewn on to a base fabric: red for the blocks and muslin for the borders,
 I have yet to quilt it, but I don't think I'll do anything too elaborate on it,
Maybe the book will be re-issued!  In the mean time, Karen still has lots of information and inspiration on her blog, (the link to it is on the side-bar)

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  1. wow. I guess I won't be buying that book anytime soon....shucks....


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